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Success stories

Success Stories – Check out our ITS YOU column

The ITS A. Volta Foundation for New Life Technologies allows you to connect to a world in constant innovation through highly specialized courses.

The employment rate one year after graduation reaches 90% and is an indicator of the quality and skills of the Engineering Technicians, who are fully trained in just two years. Here are their testimonies: success stories that tell how passion and motivation can lead to a stimulating and satisfying .two-year training path.


Luca is attending the first year of the course to become Biomedical Equipment Technician. He chose ITS A. Volta for the job opportunities it offers and for the versatile field in which students are trained, namely the biomedical field.

“I would describe this course as a 360° course, as the theoretical part and the practical part combine equally”.


Giulio started the Health IT Technician course last October. The balance between theory and practice is allowing him to delve into topics such as network systems, robotics and programming.

“One of the strengths of ITS is the fact that every time you learn something, you immediately see the progress of what you have learned”.


After a few years of work in manufacturing and logistics, Piero wanted to enrich his skills by choosing a practical and targeted path. In September he will begin the second year to become a Biomedical Equipment Technician.

“The most stimulating thing is that you learn a lot and in a short time: you are always bombarded with new and positive information”.


Marc obtained the Specialization Diploma for Applied Technologies in 2021 and he now works as Senior Biomedical Equipment Technician. He is Clinical Engineering Department manager at the “Children’s Surgical Hospital” in Uganda. Learning by doing has always been his motto: only with practice can you enter the right perspective to manage and maintain complex instruments.

“The ITS course was crucial in my career. Even if I had all the useful knowledge, without a diploma and adequate and targeted training, it would not have been the same”.