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The internship is structured as a pre-employment experience, allowing interns to learn “on the job” and enhancing their ability of dealing with responsibilities and job tasks.

Thanks to the contacts already developed by the ITS A. Volta Foundation’s partners network, students can have an internship experience at important institutions – both in Italy and abroad.

The company tutor has the important role of making the interns understand the importance of sharing the company’s values and explaining them, along with the technical aspects of the job, the relevance of the organizational, managerial and relational aspects.

The project work is the heart of the final internship paper. The intern is confronted with real problems affecting the companies, for which they have to find rigorous, practical and doable solutions, respecting the deadlines and budgets decided for the projects. Thanks to the contacts already developed by the network of ITS A. Volta Foundation members, the students will be able to carry out an internship period at important companies - both national and international.

Host companies


Up to 800 hours of internship

Pre-employment experience

To learn “on the job” at important national and international institutions

Project work

The intern is confronted with real problems affecting the companies, for which they have to find solutions respecting the deadlines and budgets decided for the projects

Company tutor

To value the organizational, managerial and relational aspects of the internship experience



Graduates from ITS A. Volta Foundation can count on practical help to find a job in line with both their school career and personal aspirations

The Job Placement strategy used by the Foundation offers a lot of solutions for active job search. Among them:

RESERVED WEB AREA with constantly updated job and internship offers

JOB COUNSELING to assist graduates in the competences assessment phase and to give them practical help in creating and updating their curricula.

INFORMATION ON MOBILITY TOOLS/SERVICES supporting students who want to work outside their region/country


The ITS A.Volta Job Placement service is provided to companies that want to collaborate with us in order to enrich the education programs through their experiences, with the aim of adding value to the skills and competences acquired by the students during the course and the internship

The Job Placement service works as an efficient interlocutor, helping companies finding the students that best suit their needs among a wide range of qualified candidates, saving them a lot of time.

Companies have the opportunity of posting their job and internship offers in their reserved website area, where they can also view the students’ profiles and curricula.


The Dual Apprenticeship formula, better defined as Higher Education and Research Apprenticeship, is an open-ended contract resulting from the collaboration between the Higher Technological Institute and a company, defining an Individual Training Plan in synergy.

Work and study are therefore combined in a single solution, alternating classes at the Institute and hours of training and working activity at a company.

The formula is intended for students up to the age of 29, who obtain a real employment contract and the possibility of acquiring skills directly on the job. The dual apprenticeship contract has a duration of between 6 months and 2 years, upon completion of which, if the right of withdrawal is not exercised, the relationship continues as an ordinary permanent employment relationship.


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