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Health IT Technician


Engineering Technicians intervene in the feasibility studies, trials and maintenance of software solutions in the medical and biotechnological fields; they guarantee the correct management of information systems, the integration of biomedical informatics systems (medical records, PACS, RIS, LIS, etc.) and the administration of complex network infrastructures in public and private, national and international companies in the New Life Technologies sector. In line with the “Industry 4.0” strategies, the course includes lessons on the realization of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) systems and 3D modeling for the biomedical sector, and favours knowledge extraction through the support and development of IoHT platforms.

Engineering Technicians value and support good hospital practices, more and more linked to a constant technological evolution, and are highly qualified to work in companies, hospitals and research centres in the biomedical informatics and biotechnologies fields.

“The biomedical and BioICT sectors are in constant evolution: our companies need qualified and up-to-date young technicians, already integrated in the professional fields in which they will operate. ITS A. Volta respond effectively to our professional needs”
Barbara Dodi
Sales Manager Televita Group SpA

Start date

End of October


The annual fee is 400 euros, plus the regional tax for the right to higher education

Enrolment deadline

August 31st, 2024

“Today’s world has no borders: the Health IT course is a highly-technical specialization path that allowed me to intern at an important company, and my degree to be recognized in Europe. In addition, ITS A. Volta job placement services provide valuable help to find a job in line with our personal and professional aspirations. And it really worked for me: a few days after the final exam I had already started my new job! Thank you ITS!”
Giovanni Miotto
biennium TIB 2014-2016

Study plan

Language, Communication and Relations
Technical English
Communication skills

Science and Technology
Fundamentals of Human Biology
Fundamentals of Mathematics and Physics
Information Technology
Fundamentals of Telecommunications

Law and Economics
Fundamentals of Economics and Enterprise creation for Industry 4.0
Legal principles and Professional responsibility

Organization and Management
Project management, Organisation for Industry 4.0 and Design Thinking

Management, planning and quality control
Reference standards: Quality Management - SW as a Medical Device
Safety and Accident prevention in the workplace
Valorisation of Industrial Property and Open innovation process
First Aid – BLSD

Management of Healthcare Services
Healthcare system and E-Health services management
Taxonomy of biomedical devices

Fundamentals of Information Technology

Complements of Information Technology

Privacy and data security

Elements of Medical IT I

Elements of Medical IT II

3D Programming, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


From the entrance test to the project work discussion, find out how the course is articulated

Candidates take an entrance test to assess their level on the technical skills required by the course and their knowledge of English and informatics (a written test followed by an interview)

Classroom training, laboratories, visits to companies. More than 50% of the teachers come from companies and have at least 5 years of specific experience

Carried out at relevant businesses in the biomedical sector, in Italy or abroad. Every student is supervised by a company tutor

It consists of a theoretical/practical examination, an oral and a written test, in which students present the project work they developed during their internship